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Drycleaning is termed so because water is not the primary liquid used in the process. Garments are, however, fully submerged in a solvent that contains little or no water.

Drycleaning solvents remove soil and stains from fabrics without penetrating the fibers as water does. Solvents are not harmful to most fabrics and compared to water, cause less shrinkage, color fading and other problems that can occur during the cleaning process. Overall, solvents provide better cleaning potential than water.

Detergents are utilized in drycleaning solvents for enhanced cleaning capability. Sizing is also added to restore garment shape, body and texture.

Solvents long utilized in drycleaning include perchloroethylene and petroleum-based solvents. In addition, the recent development of C02 as a drycleaning solvent has introduced yet another potentially effective solvent.

Not all garments require drycleaning and can be laundered with water. Manufacturer labeling that is required on all garments indicate which type of cleaning is best for the garment.



Garments that are cleaned in water are known as wet cleaned garments. Shirts (such as business or knit shirts) and pants (such as jeans and khakis) are typically items that are laundered.


Same Day Service:

Many Concord locations offer same day service Monday thru Friday upon customer request. Clothes that are dropped off in the morning are completed and ready for pick that same evening. Drop-off and pick-up times vary by location. Contact your local Concord store for details.


Gift Certificates:

All stores have the capability to order gift certificates through the Corporate Office. Contact local store for details.


Drapery Cleaning:

This service is offered at all locations. Frequent cleaning of drapery can be a vital means of extending the life of any window treatment.


Free Summer Storage:

Free storage of winter clothing in the summer is available at all locations. Because most winter clothing is bulkier and takes up more space, the storage of winter clothing at our stores has become very popular.

The clothing is cleaned, bagged and hung for storage. The customer is asked to notify the store a few days prior to picking up the clothing so it can be pressed and prepared for pick-up. The customer pays only for the cleaning and the storage is absolutely free!



Complete alteration services are available at all locations. From hem replacements, to seam repair, we offer every type of tailoring and alteration service available at affordable rates.


Suede and Leather:

Our suede and leather cleaners are experts. Each garment is cleaned and equipped with protective emollients that help to restore and retain the luster and softness of leather and suede.


Wedding Gowns:


We clean and package wedding gowns with storage in mind. Customers are encouraged to have wedding gowns and like garments cleaned very soon after wearing as stains and dirt left in material over time decreases the possibility of getting the stains out or worse, can even damage the material.


Household Items:

Bedspreads, comforters, small rugs, dust ruffles, draperies, pillows, sheets, sleeping bags, shower curtains, curtains, table cloths, napkins, place mats are just a sampling of the household related items we clean. Professional cleaning of such items not only aid in keeping them looking crisp and clean, but also helps to prolong the life of the item. The large, commercial- sized washers and dryers available to professionals encourages a more thorough cleaning and even drying of such large items.


Shoe Repair:

Offered at select locations, we can replace heels and soles as well as repair scuff marks, etc. See store for details.


Area Rug Cleaning:

Offered at select locations, we professionally clean area rugs that can be brought into our location. See store for details.


Free Button Replacement:

Buttons that are lost or broken during cleaning are replaced free of charge at all locations.


Fire Restoration Service:

Garments, household items, blankets and many other items can be rid of damages caused by smoke and water following a fire. Although this service is not offered at every store, the location nearest you can direct you to a Concord Custom Cleaners that does offer that service. And we'll be glad to pick your belongings up for you.


Drive-Thru Service:

Many of our stores offer a drive-thru window for your convenience. This service makes trips to the drycleaner quick and easy. Garments are hung in your car for you and you can be off to your next destination in a matter of minutes.